NaPo 26.

by penguiknight


Child of caverns, do you fear
The hole that lurks inside you?
Between the growing of your bones
The flesh, the knitted new

And the small and sterile heart
That beats against the blue
Do you fear the emptiness
That hides between the two

Don’t worry, fret, oh sleeping child
The answer comes with age
You’ll find your heart grows every day
You live upon this Stage
(Through the seven you’ll be filling
Growing stage by stage)

But what? Oh, silly sleeping child
Who worries if your heart
Is its own self, masterpiece
Or copied part by part

I tell you now, open your chest
Let every soundwave in
Babble, babel, buzz or boom
(just watch the way you sin)
Let clamor rise and hear the peals
The roar or roaring din
Then let the sweet and gentle music
Find its own way in

Hold your ribs, don’t let them shut
The noise might be a pain
Then let the cacophony out
And All be still again

Let your chest close, sleeping child
Then wait, and hear your heart
Inside your echo chamber chest
Is where the growing starts

The sounds that linger, resonate
And chime your very soul
Those are the ones that tune your heart
As it grows in this hole.


I know I could do more with the whole ‘Echo’ thing, but damnit, I’m tired.